How can we use VPs to transform healthcare?

Peter Greene, the Executive Director of MedBiquitous opened the recent 2nd International Conference on Virtual Patients and MedBiquitous Annual Meeting, and describes how the impact of technology can drive innovation and successful collaborations, with the ultimate goal of using virtual patients to … Continue reading

The new eViP CAMPUS VP Player

Jorn Heid, Frank Hess and Simone Huber from Heilbronn Informatics and Heidelberg University, at The Center for Virtual Patients in Heidelberg, Germany, talk about developing the CAMPUS VP players. Jorn Heid was instrumental in helping develop the CAMPUS VP player and has since helped create the … Continue reading

Using CAMPUS VPs in medical education

Medical students play a crucial role in the eViP programme, helping medical educators and learning technologists develop virtual patients for their curriculum. Here Maren Ebert, a medical student at Heidelberg University in Germany talks about using CAMPUS virtual patients, and describes her … Continue reading