‘Playing with the players’ at the ICVP 2009 Virtual Patient demo session

Virtual patients come in all shapes and sizes. Linear, semi-linear and branched systems all allow the users to work their way through patient cases to develop their clinical decision making skills.

However, virtual patients are a ‘hands on’ affair, and the best way to understand their potential is to use them!

At the recent ICVP 2009 meeting held in Krakow, Poland, delegates had the opportunity to experience different virtual patient players and authoring systems.

There was a varied range of systems, from CAMPUS, CASUS, and WebSP players, to VPSim, MgGill and BIT Pathways authoring systems. There was even a virtual patient player (the Maryland Virtual Patient) that employed artificial intelligence and language recognition software.

Workshops like these are important not only to demonstrate virtual patient player systems and authoring tools in action, but to meet professionals who work with, or even designed and built these systems.

If you are interested in attending future Virtual Patient workshops and demonstrations, the Second International Conference on Virtual Patients and MedBiquitous annual conference will be held in London, in April 2010.
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Access our eViP virtual patient demos here

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