Families of Virtual Patients for students at Heidelberg University

Dr Anke Simon from the Centre for Virtual Patients at Heidelberg University in Germany talks to eViP about the CAMPUS Family project.

This involves developing a ‘family’ of VPs that students work with throughout the clinical phase of their education. Over time, the students will develop a relationship with the family, and learn to treat them in the same way a General Practitioner would.

“We are currently scanning what kind of cases we already have, what virtual patients would be good to use,” says Anke. “And we thought we’d start at the GP programme.”

“The family could start as a young couple at the GP surgery, who then get married, and get pregnant so we could have a case about pregnancy and then later about the baby, or the mother who has a heart attack, things that can happen to every family.”

You can listen to Anke talk to eViP about the CAMPUS Family project here:

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