St George’s University of London, UK

uk_icon_smallSt George’s, University of London (SGUL) is the lead co-ordinator for the eViP programme. The eLearning Unit (ELU) at SGUL led the first phase of the programme, WP1, and continues to contribute to all other eViP projects.

The ELU was established in 2001 to promote the use of educational technology in enhancing learning and teaching within the context of St George’s teaching and learning strategy. They have since been actively involved in the utilisation of emerging technologies, cutting-edge e-learning facilities, and evaluation of their learning approaches and techniques.

The team from the ELU is involved in many other projects involving virtual patients and e-learning strategies, including PREVIEW which uses the Second Life platform to play virtual patient scenarios for paramedic students, and Generation 4 (G4) which incorporates virtual patients into their case-based curriculum.

Further information of e-Projects at St George’s University of London can be found here.

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