The University of Warwick, UK

uk_icon_smallWarwick Medical School (WMS) was established in 2000 and forms the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Warwick, one of the UK’s top ten universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in teaching and research.
WMS has grown rapidly and is making significant national and international contributions to education and research in health.

The eViP team at WMS, led by Dr David Davies, is helping to bring the latest developments in e-learning to a wide audience.nOur main role in the eViP Programme is work package lead for awareness & dissemination.

This exciting responsibility gives us the chance to use new forms of communication to tell everyone about the developments in eViP including progress on virtual patients, and to also bring you news of the institutions and individuals that make up the eViP partnership.
So whether you are reading this web site, subscribing to our weblog or YouTube channel, or following us on Twitter, you can be sure WMS will keep you up to date of the latest news about virtual patients.

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