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Do students prefer Google over tutors? Chara Balasubramaniam and Steve Malikowski think not!

Chara Balasubramaniam and Steve Malikowski from St George’s University of London e-Learning Unit talk to eViP about their award-winning poster presentation “Google, Wikipedia or Tutors: What to the students choose?”

PREVIEW paramedic training in virtual reality

The PREVIEW project takes problem based learning into the virtual world, by creating PBL scenarios in Second Life. This project is coordinated by Emily Conradi at St George’s University of London, and is run in collaboration with The University of Coventry and the Kingston University in London. The project uses eight paramedic scenarios in Second […]

The virtues of virtual simulation technology

Wired Science recently wrote an interesting overview of how virtual simulations are increasingly being used to prepare future surgeons before they get given the knife and let loose on their patients. The article is well worth a read. The use of virtual simulations for health care professionals has often been compared to the use of […]

Dr Angela Miller on the eViP Creative Commons Licensing model

Dr Angela Miller from SGUL is responsible for developing the Creative Commons Licensing model for eViP. In this blog she writes about the current status of the eViP CCL framework, issues with obtaining patient consent, and the future implications beyond the eViP programme.

‘Playing with the players’ at the ICVP 2009 Virtual Patient demo session

Virtual patients come in all shapes and sizes. Linear, semi-linear and branched systems all allow the users to work their way through patient cases to develop their clinical decision making skills. However, virtual patients are a ‘hands on’ affair, and the best way to understand their potential is to use them! At the recent ICVP […]

CASUS Virtual Patient System

Inga Hege from the Medical Education Unit at the LMU Munich, Germany writes about the CASUS Virtual patient system, one of the VP players used in the eViP programme.

Incorporating virtual patients into the medical curriculum

“For those who have never been to medical school, the idea of learning to be a physician often conjures up thoughts of students in white lab coats eagerly following professors on their rounds through the hospital. But these days, the patients being examined are just as likely to be avatars.” Writes Ben Elsen from the […]

Dr David Davies: Results of the eViP Virtual Patient Survey 2008

Dr David Davies from the University of Warwick, UK, talks to Sian Claire Owen about the results of the eViP survey 2008, and the forthcoming 2009 survey that will be conducted at the forthcoming AMEE 2009 conference. You can read more about the findings of the eViP 2008 survey here, and download the full report […]

OpenLabyrinth virtual patient system

Here, Luke Woodham from the e-Learning Unit at St Georges’ University of London, UK, writes the OpenLabyrinth Virtual Patient system, one of the VP players used in the eViP programme.

Using Second Life for Virtual Placements: An Australian initiative

At the ICVP 2009 we spoke to Beata Bajorek from the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, who described the use of Second Life to overcome some significant challenges in experiential placements for pharmacy students. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates!