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eViP Advice on Using VPs

Throughout the eViP programme, eViP partners have been creating, repurposing and sharing VPs, using the Web-SP, OpenLabyrinth, CAMPUS and CASUS VP players. The majority of the VPs were used by pre-clinical and clinical undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and nursing students. Dentistry students and those undergoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) also benefited from these resources. […]

What is the state of play with virtual patients?

Dr Rachel Ellaway from the University of Northern Ontario in Canada talks about where we are at with the research and development of virtual patients. According to Rachel, there is a critical piece in any area of research, between innovation and creation, and then going towards it being used. “The piece that is really troubling […]

Virtual Patients bring together fragmented e-learning tools

Dr Bas de Leng from Maastricht University describes the advantages of virtual patients, including their ability to bring together and present various e-learning tools in a unitary programme.

Integration of e-learning tools can transform the curriculum

Over the past decade a wide range of e-learning tools have been developed, yet many are yet to be fully integrated into the medical curricula. One possibility for this, explains Dr Terry Poulton from the e-Learning Unit at St George’s University of London, is that the technology is “too fragmented”.

Families of Virtual Patients for students at Heidelberg University

Dr Anke Simon from the Centre for Virtual Patients at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany talks to eViP about the CAMPUS Family project.

Repurposing Virtual Patients with CASUS

Claudia Frey from the LMU Medical School in Munich, Germany talks about repurposing Virtual Patients.

The new eViP CAMPUS VP Player

Jorn Heid, Frank Hess and Simone Huber from Heilbronn Informatics and Heidelberg University, at The Center for Virtual Patients in Heidelberg, Germany, talk about developing the CAMPUS VP players. Jorn Heid was instrumental in helping develop the CAMPUS VP player and has since helped create the CAMPUS Card player. The team also recently developed the […]

Using CAMPUS VPs in medical education

Medical students play a crucial role in the eViP programme, helping medical educators and learning technologists develop virtual patients for their curriculum. Here Maren Ebert, a medical student at Heidelberg University in Germany talks about using CAMPUS virtual patients, and describes her experiences using these VPs.

Heidelberg Students tell us about eViP VPs

Medical students from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, describe their experiences using CAMPUS virtual patients.

Using probability and virtual patients to aid in diagnostic reasoning

Dr Jeroen Donkers from Maastricht University talks about applying artificial intelligence principles to VPs in order to help students develop their diagnostic reasoning skills.