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Students from Witten/Herdecke talk about e-learning

Medical students from Witten/Herdecke University in Germany give their opinions on e-learning in medical education.

The possibilities of e-assessment in medical education

Daniel Bauer and Sebastian Schubert from Witten/Herdecke University in Germany, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of e-assessment in medical education.

e-Learning: A Student’s Perspective

Students at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany talk about e-learning in medical education.

Virtual Patients give students a ‘Taste of Medicine’

The award winning website uses a wide range of multi-media, including virtual patients to help young students learn about what it is like to work in medicine and the health care services.

e-Learning Opportunities in Witten-Herdecke, Germany

Dr Martin Fischer and Dr Marzellus Hofmann from Witten/Herdecke, in Witten, Germany talk about past and present e-learning opportunities at the university. In the past, a combination of a lack of resources, didactic hesitations and concerns about curriculum integration have hampered the full integration of e-learning resources at Witten/Herdecke. However, as Martin and Marzellus explain, an increase […]

Do students prefer Google over tutors? Chara Balasubramaniam and Steve Malikowski think not!

Chara Balasubramaniam and Steve Malikowski from St George’s University of London e-Learning Unit talk to eViP about their award-winning poster presentation “Google, Wikipedia or Tutors: What to the students choose?”

‘Playing with the players’ at the ICVP 2009 Virtual Patient demo session

Virtual patients come in all shapes and sizes. Linear, semi-linear and branched systems all allow the users to work their way through patient cases to develop their clinical decision making skills. However, virtual patients are a ‘hands on’ affair, and the best way to understand their potential is to use them! At the recent ICVP […]

Integrating virtual patients into simulation-based teaching

In our final interview with Dr James Bateman from Coventry & Warwickshire University Hospitals NHS Trust, he describes his thoughts on how virtual patients can help ‘bring more reality’ to artificial simulated scenarios.

Students may benefit from creating virtual patients

The saying goes ‘the best way to learn is to teach’, and as Dr James Bateman from the Coventry & Warwickshire University Hospitals NHS Trust explains, students can benefit from creating and sharing their own virtual patients.

Is there a need for a virtual patient classification system?

In the second part of our series of interviews with Dr James Bateman from Coventry & Warwickshire University Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr David Davies from the University of Warwick, UK, joins Dr Bateman to discuss the roll of virtual patients, and the challenges of incorporating them into the medical curriculum.