VP repurposing and enrichment

Project 3: VP repurposing and enrichment

The work completed in Project 3 forms the core of the eViP programme, and although it has presented many challenges, it is well under way. The objectives of this project mainly involves the repurposing and enrichment of the VPs, and can be divided into the following sections:

  • The identification and establishment of an inventory of all possible VP cases from partners, and the identification of any intellectual property right (IPR) issues;
  • Identification of the existing VPs which were to be repurposed, based on medical and healthcare specialties, to different cultures and languages;
  • Repurposing of VPs so they were ‘standards compliant’, with metadata and packaging, for multi-lingual access: ‘normalisation’ and enrich content using partner’s existing resource collections;
  • Repurposing a subset of normalised new VPs into new disciplines;
  • Repurposing normalised new VPs into new cultures;
  • Peer review of VPs for each culture;
  • Evaluation of metadata schemes for eViP virtual patients; and
  • Population of the eViP referatory with 320 VPs.

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