eViP Deliverables

Number Description Due Date
D4.1 Collaborative eViP website including blog and wiki for engaging the wider community. Sep 07

eViP PowerPoint Presentation

Dec 07
D2.1 eViP Application Profile and evaluation report on third party tools and services. Feb 08
D4.2 Case studies of the use of virtual patients.

Feb 08

D3.1 Inventory of existing VP cases with any IRP issues and report on which VP cases that will be repurposed, medical/healthcare speciality targeted, and responsible partner Feb 08
D3.2 Populated repository of English VPs as selected in 3.1

Jul 08

D3.5 Report on metadata schemes for eViP virtual patients

Jan 10

D4.3 Needs analysis for VPs from wider community.

Aug 08

D7.5 Annual Report Aug 08, Aug 09
D2.2 Report on eViP Application Profile implementation and conformance testing Oct 08
D2.3 Report on common consent and licensing DRM framework, all documentation and best practice guides. Dec 08
D3.3 Report on set of new repurposed standards compliant VPs, with metadata, and packaged, for multi-lingual access. Jan 09
D4.4 Good practice guidelines for developing and repurposing virtual patients. Feb 09
D5.2 Published evaluation instrument for VPs and for learning and teaching activities with VPs. Apr 09
D4.5 Market research data on acceptance of eViP product and options appraisal for exit and sustainability business models. Aug 09
D3.4 Report on set of repurposed VPs in new disciplines and set of localized new VPs into new cultures and approved peer review process. Dec 09
D5.3 Publicly available set enriched and standards compliant VPs for different educational scenarios, with published educational guidelines for enriching and implementing VPs for different educational scenario’s and different cultures. Apr 10
D6.2 Published cooperative business, licensing model, copyright and IPR model as well as awareness and dissemination strategy. Apr 10
D3.6 Complete referatory of repurposed standardised and localised VPs for different disciplines, including metadata descriptions

June 10

D4.6 Programme outputs and documentation available via the eViP website. Aug 10
D4.7 A Final European dissemination event. Aug 10
D6.3 Published documentation and training materials guides. Aug 10
D7.6 eViP PowerPoint Presentation (results) and Final report. Aug 10