Sample virtual patient packages

Below are four sample Virtual Patient packages from the different VP systems involved in eViP. All of these packages conform to an application profile based on the emerging MedBiquitous Virtual Patient standard:

eViP VP package 1
Model: Semi-linear, Terminology based
Patient id: evip:vp:1000263
Patient name: Katrin M.
Description: Bacterial meningitis; procedures with suspected meningitis. Differential diagnoses: pneumonia, urinary tract infection
Download: campus-evip-20090115
eViP VP package 2
VP System: CASUS
Model: Linear
Patient id: evip:vp:1000131
Patient name: 43 year old saleswoman presented with dyspnea
Description: This case shows criterias for radiography of the chest.
Download: export_12941_5
eViP VP package 3
VP System: OpenLabyrinth
Model: Branched
Patient id: evip:vp:1000007
Patient name: Joseph Ansah
Description: 25 year old patient with Malaria
Download: openlabyrinth_export_20081215
eViP VP package 4
VP System: Web-SP
Model: Semi-linear
Patient id: evip:vp:1000114
Patient name: Tom P Miller
Description: Patient with symptoms of pneumonia
Download: export1231154751268-websp-v048