Standards implementation

Project 2: Standards implementation

The aim of Project 2 was to develop a project-wide eViP application profile of the MedBiquitous VP standard (the ‘eViP VP Profile’), which was tested on the pilot VPs.

The eViP profile was then implemented in all member institutional virtual patient players and authoring systems – typically as an import/export converter between the standard’s XML format and the databases in partner applications.

After this stage, third-party tools that supported the eViP VP profile (and related standards) were tested, including a basic player as required in the MVP specification.
A simple consent and licensing model for clinical recordings and other media was created to allow for the exchange of VPs without incurring medico-legal problems. This was expressed using standard DRM (digital rights management) techniques.


In December 2008 the MedBiquitous Best Practice Guidelines were published. The MedBiquitous specification was greatly enhanced by contributions from eViP.

There was regular technical communication via the eViP Technical Reference Group (TRG), great cross-project support and collaboration, and ultimately this was the first substantial widespread implementation – meaning that it stands as the reference implementation model for the rest of the world.

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