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International Curriculum Transfer from Maastricht to Saudi Arabia

The Al Rajhi University and Hospital is a new establishment, and as such they will be using the Maastricht Curriculum for content and assessment as the foundation for their programme.

Health informatics students use workflow modeling simulations in Second Life

Health informatics students must develop workflow modeling skills in order to create efficient health information systems.

How Long Does it Take To Repurpose a Virtual Patient?

One of the key issues regarding virtual patients is the time and effort involved in the repurposing process.

Web 2.0 and Cultural Immersion in Australia’s Northern Territory

For medical students developing empathy is important, particularly in cross-cultural environments such as the Northern Territory in Australia. Perhaps in this context, Web 2.0 technologies in education really can come into their own.

Enhancing clinical reasoning using probabilistically generated VP cases

Dr Jeroen Donkers, from the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands described his research looking at using artificial intelligence and probability to generate virtual patients.

Communication and Emotional Realism in Healthcare Simulations

Professor Guid Oei from the Maxima Medical Centre in The Netherlands talks to eViP about MedSim, a large scale medical simulation centre for obstetrics and gynecology teams. “The department is a simulation centre, and the main focus is multidisciplinary training,” says Professor Oei. However, this centre is designed not only to enhance health care student’s […]

E-learning and collaboration in The Netherlands

Dr Peter Bloemendaal from Leiden University Medical School talks about, an online e-learning resources for medical students in The Netherlands. This websites facilitates the distribution and sharing of medical resources. As Peter explains: “We started the project about five years ago, and now we have more than 1200 e-learning modules in our database.” These […]

VPs: Putting theory into practice for clinical reasoning

Virtual Patients help students put theory into practice without harming the patient. Dr Benjamin Hanebeck from the Centre for Virtual Patients at the University of Heidelberg in Germany talks about his experiences with eViP VPs.

Families of Virtual Patients for students at Heidelberg University

Dr Anke Simon from the Centre for Virtual Patients at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany talks to eViP about the CAMPUS Family project.

Repurposing Virtual Patients with CASUS

Claudia Frey from the LMU Medical School in Munich, Germany talks about repurposing Virtual Patients.