Repurposing Virtual Patients with CASUS

Claudia Frey from the LMU Medical School in Munich, Germany, is a learning technologist involved with the eViP programme. She has been creating and repurposing VPs using the CASUS VP player. Here she talks about her experience, and also the value of VPs.

“At first I started making new CASUS cases and I noticed that to takes a long time to figure out the whole story and to get information,” she says. “When we started to repurpose cases it became easy because we could use pictures and movies that already existed. It’s a shared work that you don’t have to repeat in any system.”

Claudia was also interested in how the different cases were structured: “It was interesting to see how the aims were different, from asking students the description of the situation, to asking questions and asking for background knowledge.”

However, creating and repurposing VPs can be time consuming. “I was very happy when we started to import the cases automatically,” she says. “Because the information was already in the CASUS cases.”

Claudia appreciates the value of VPs for medical and healthcare students. “I’m doing cases myself and I think it’s very useful because you have to concentrate on one case, one illness, one disease, one theme. You can find out quite a lot. If you have a case it’s easier to remember later on.”

You can listen to Claudia talk to eViP about repurposing CASUS cases here:

And the German version can be accessed here:

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