Awareness & dissemination

Project 4: Awareness & dissemination

Project 4 is largely concerned with raising awareness about the eViP programme, publishing the Best Practice Guidelines and developing an online community using social networking tools and other available software. The activities of this project can be listed as follows:

  • Prepare and engage the medical education and educational technology communities by promoting the role of virtual patients in curricula;
  • Engage with institutions outside project partnership to prepare the groundwork for eViP;
  • Publish good practice guidelines for developing and repurposing virtual patients and associated e-learning materials;
  • Foster a community of collaboration between institutions through exchanging virtual patient e-learning materials via the eViP project web site;
  • Maintain an eViP project weblog and wiki to document progress and sustain awareness of project activities; and
  • Gather preparatory data from wider community leading to exit & sustainability activity involving market research, community acceptance of repurposed VPs, and preliminary business modeling.

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