Assessment & evaluation

Project 5: Assessment & evaluation

The assessment and evaluation phase of eViP aims to evaluate the possibilities of enriching existing Virtual Patients (VPs) for different educational needs and contexts. These evaluations will provide invaluable information about how different eViP partners use VPs.

In December 2008 eViP established an Assessment and Evaluation Reference Group (AEG) to coordinate the activities of the partners to address deliverable D5.3 in which the VP designs and VP integrations, or ‘scenarios’ are evaluated. The goal will be to address as many independent variables as possible and research their effect on use, reaction and learning.

The specific deliverables for this project are as follows:

  • Evaluation of the possibilities of enriching existing VPs for different education needs and contexts;
  • Evaluation of how prospective users – students, teachers and curriculum designers – perceive the assets or intermediary products of a small set of enriched VPs, during the process of enrichment;
  • Evaluation of the possibilities of blended learning scenarios with existing VPs to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare education in the European Union; and
  • Evaluation  how prospective users perceive the blended learning scenarios during the implementation of a small set of enriched VP’s in different educational settings.

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